Music for 9/18/22!!! The Beths, Michelle Branch

@@@ The Beths: Expert in a Dying Field ( Carpark, 2022) These guys are in the All Music notable release email as well as the 10 most reviewed Pitchfork albums this week. Some fuzzy guitars, not too messy, as well as some indie guitar vamping and a female singer rocking some nice melodies and bookish lyrics. This leans a bit more towards the kind of rock record you can play for your grandma this certainly is not a molten Sleater Kinney lava bomb. Boring is a mean word so I won’t call this boring, but it’s too mannered like a Hallmark card. I guess that’s where rock is at and why it’s a bit of a wasteland for diehards at the moment.

@@@ Michelle Branch: Closest Thing to Heaven (Nonesuch, 2022) Oy more ‘rawk’ from the king of the sleepytime tea record labels, Nonesuch. Big, country-ish guitar sounds, multiple background vocals. It gets a tad aroused with the chorus but don’t worry it won’t produce a sweat by any means. It’s like Madonna and Imagine Dragons had a big sloppy love baby. I don’t know if the folks at Nonesuch think this is the kind of record that makes the car payment but as a record it’s claggy with a bit of a soggy bottom. The player clicked through and it’s the same formula — big production, a medium rock sound with a lot of adult alternative sauce. How about some fire, isn’t that what cooks food? This is most definitely for people with jobs.

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