Music for 9/17/22!!! Ray Laurel, Death Cab for Cutie

@@@ Ray Laurel: Manic Pixie Dream Boy (Venice, 2022) I got to this track via this week’s Line of Best Fit. Strummed electric guitar intro, then falsetto vocal, then a big cloudy ’80s chorused guitar fart and dancy rock drumming. It’s got a lot of energy and I’m always into that but I’m not finding a lot of sounds here to love. Don’t love the guitars a lot, neutral on the drums, and neutral on the vocalizing. As I’m a super fair guy so I check out another track, this one called Coconut Perfume. Yowsa it’s good to be fair cuz I dig this funky thing, it’s a languorous slinky thing with a solid beat and more falsetto vocals. All the sounds are much better deployed.

@@@ Death Cab for Cutie (Atlantic, 2022) I’ll tell you straight up I’m not a huge fan of Death Cab, in fact I think they’re a leading proponent of a branch of the indie rock tree that I refer to as douche indie. This is a chill ambient non rocking track from a rock band that I think is going to explode in douche rock righteousness. Oy, Death Cab’s singer is one squeaky ass clean sounding motherfucker. I’m guessing with a title like Fragments from the Decade it’s an allegorical, big lyrical theme. Right at halfway you get a big clean guitar solo, on point. I like the drum sound here, a big room but clear in the mix. Fragments from the decade are dancing in the fire….meh. That right there is some Lord of the Rings type shit right in the middle of an indie rock setting. This is high end sleepytime tea. I just don’t get why people listen to these guys.

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