Music for 9/15/22!!! Coby Sey, Algiers

@@@ Coby Sey: Permeated Secrets (AD 93, 2022) A new release I got to via Crack Magazine and though it’s slotted as electronic he’s up in there rhyming, with a non hip hop intent. I like the sounds here and I’m not super paying attention to the rhymes. I’m on my third sample track and the formula continues. I feel I would pay more attention to the words if there were fewer and that I like the sounds. He’s also got a delay on the vocal (or it’s doubletracked) and that makes it harder to follow what he’s saying. I think that’s a big problem and they should cut back on the verbiage.

@@@ Algiers: Bite Back (Matador, 2022) I got to this track via a twat on the Twatter. It opens sci fi dark before a hip hop beat comes on with splash beats, an arpeggiated synth and then one of my favorite MCs Billy Woods comes in dropping his dark rhymes. I don’t love the synths here but I do like the beats and the piano and the vibe. The track is a bit on the long side and as a result of that length the tune morphs almost into another track about 2 minutes from the end. It feels a bit all over the place. It’s a mash of Prince style vocals, NIN electro darkness, and a little bit of hip hop.m Maybe it’s me.

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