Music for 9/12/22!!! Kenny Beats, Cryalot

@@@ Kenny Beats: Moire (Kenny Beats/XL, 2022) I got to this via this week’s 10 most reviewed albums on Pitchfork. I believe it to be a white MC we’re dealing with here, but in reality he’s a white producer who is releasing his first record. The sounds here are tightly focused, a pretty serpentine keyboard part, and a second and third added for fullness over stripped back beats that are certainly neither trap nor light listening. I’m checking out another track called Get Back and it has a similar feel — chill, stripped back mostly and focused. Towards the end of this track I feel like the multiple voices are a bit much. There are voices all over this track without there being much if any rhyming, though on this third track Hold My Head, there is an MC with an word understanding wise unclear but perfectly clear rhythmic part that I dig. Mr. Beats is a producer who has worked with a lot of artists so you would expect his solo record to be well produced and it is. I’m going to check out more of this when I get a chance but I like the sounds here and the sounds on a record with not a lot of rhyming is pretty much the most important thing, no?

@@@ Cryalot: Labyrinth (Self released, 2022) I can’t remember how I got to this track, fucking sue me! This tune is an interesting blend of pop, rock and electronic elements. Ms. Cryalot’s voice is young sounding, and she does her thing over a pleasantly grizzy bass sound, plenty of insecty-y ch ch ch sounds and pop stylings. The chorus is my least favorite part of the track while the bass sound is my favorite. I like the track and I usually like pop tracks that have a dark message as I find that contrast between happy sounds and dark ideas interesting. Here it’s more of a pop track combined with a dreamy lyrical component.

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