Music for 9/9/22!!!! Sudan Archives, John Legend

@@@ Sudan Archives: OMG BRITT (Stones Throw, 2022) A couple of listens from this week’s Line of Best Fit email. I’ve heard Sudan Archives before and I thought she could pop off with something really interesting, but I’m not sure recasting herself as a trap goddess is what I expected. This track clipped below is a hardass, robot sex queen and I think folks love the iron bitch routine. The undercarriage of the track is total trap, fat booty bass and skittery hat action. She’s over the top with a lot of detached spoken word business and vocal action. I’m giving a quick listen to the track Milk Me and it’s a world flavored lovergirl track with a non descript string sound that could be from a lot of different places with a stick-y (lots of snare stick sounding drum machine action) beat, processed vocals as well some really nice singing and a flute part. This track I like a lot, I would check out more of this record.

@@@ John Legend: Splash (Republic/UMG, 2022) A new record by John Legend is gonna get press in multiple outlets. You’re not going to be able to take a shit for the next week without running into John Legend and his new album. What to say about John Legend? He’s seems like a really smart and cool person, but his music? Oy, it’s a cheesy shonda. Maybe worse than cheese might be this track which is loverboy cheese. With a spare guitar strum, some processed vocals, he gets into a Christian horny space, it’s a John Legend booty anthem. Wow I don’t even know what to say about the Disney flavored gent gettin’ raw-ish. I can’t say I totally buy it, but authenticity and conviction are not required for American pop music, in fact it’s not useful at all — looking at you Madonna. I think this is the lead single and he’s got two guests on this track. All we need here is Jay Z showing up to pimp some crypto and this would be corporate music complete. This seems more about branding than about music but these days it’s a thin line.

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