Music for 9/8/22!!! Roc Marciano, Mister Water Wet

@@@ Roc Marciano & The Alchemist: The Elephant Man’s Bones (ALC/Empire, 2022) From this week’s PItchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums. I’ve enjoyed The Alchemist before so he’s earned a peep. This is the title track of the album and it’s a piano tinkler with the MC coming in side style, side mousing the cheese as the firehose once spieled. The beat is chill, it’s all chill including the female diva. It has a weird funky end part with a boom bap beat and some guy drawling the word sunshine over and over. I want to check another track as this is a bit obtuse. I’m checking out a track called Quantum Leap and it has a classic, tight NYC retro sound. Same MC working low but quick with adequate energy. I like this one much more than the title track. Excellent keyboard and swirly bits combo platter. The sounds are tasty, the rhyming is very solid, the energy is what I would refer to as baked, it’s not a burner by any means.

@@@ Mister Water Wet: When Kennybrook Burned to the Ground (West Mineral, 2022) Another of the 10 most reviewed albums of the week. I see this artist up on Apple Music but not this track so we’re reduced to the GooglePimpTube, I love the GooglePimpTube. It’s a bold mix with a looped sax and a lot of whooshing. It’s hanging out in the fair amount of electronic, mixed with some sound design and some improvisation. I dig it and am wondering how I could hear more of this as it’s not up on the Apple Music. I clicked through to bandcamp and it’s a single 6 minute track and they’re from Philadelphia. Most people with half a fucking brain know folks from Philly are a bit off and their attitude sucks and that’s what I’m hearing here and I find that quite refreshing and stylish. I’m checking out the first track of another record of theirs called Butterfly DNA and I’m feeling that. It’s got live drums, sound design water sounds, and other sound designed elements. I wish I could hear these tracks in higher quality as I think I would like them more.


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