Music for 9/7/22!!! John Pardi, Lean Year

@@@ Jon Pardi: Mr. Saturday Night (UMG, 2022) I can’t remember how I got to today’s listens but I did get there. I’m usually pretty good at stating where I came across a musician’s name but I set this up a coupla days ago and I musta been ass over teakettle drunk. From the cowboy hat you can rightfully conclude that we’re not gonna get dancefloor banging here, it’s country music. Fiddle, oooh, there’s the big electric guitar, I’m not a huge fan of that. If I wanna listen to AC/DC I know where to go so I’m not sure I need Mr. Pardi to give me a big rock thrill. He messed up his good thing and he’s the only one to blame, oh the dumbass. There’s not a lot going on here outside of the rock drama which I’ve already denounced. Fresher lyrics, some slide guitar playing, any of that would help me.

@@@ Lean Year: The Trouble with Being Warm (Western Vinyl, 2022) Opening up with a pipe organ type sound, not an actual pipe organ sound but a melancholy loop, then a piano chord and an almost breathless female singer, then electric bass. It’s mad dramatical, my sphincter tightens from the spectacle! I guess I don’t get the reason for the drama, or it’s not being clearly communicated to me in the lyrics. The Trouble with Being Warm, is she super bummed that she loved and it wasn’t reciprocated? Maybe. I don’t know if I’m going to get to the end of this banger. About 90 seconds from the end there’s an increase in energy, especially from the vocalist. I wish I liked this, I always want to like what I listen to, but I just don’t cotton to this. Now I know there are millions of folks out there who love big drama so if you like big drama, they’re there for you.


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