Music for 9/4/22!!! Rachika Nayar, Mini Roman

@@@ Rachika Nayar: Heaven Come Crashing ( , 2022) A couple of bandcamp albums of the day listens. This is some guitar influenced electronic music and the first thing I think of is that this would work for the Netflix show Stranger Things but one of the more hopeful episodes where the mom finally cures her alien level constipation. I’m not a big of the hopeful electro with the arpeggiated synths and the big U2 guitar washes but I know I’m in the minority. I skipped to the second track Terramorph and it’s a 9 minute banger and I might not make it out of this banger though I like it more than the first. It’s got some sonic collision going on with more of the big U2 guitar sound. This formula doesn’t work for me, I don’t see music as being this openly epic, but hey that’s just me.

@@@ Mini Roman: First of the Brooklyn Cowgirls (Sundazed, 2022) This record is not up on the Apple Music so it may not be on the Spotify and the other big streamers. I don’t like streaming off bandcamp because you can’t hear shit but this is some old school country, female singer, straight guitar playing. The star here is her voice, she works it. All right-y I did some scrolling on the bandcamp page and see that this is a re-issue so it’s not aspiring old school country music, it is old school country music. There are mad tracks on this record, 35 in total, so it’s a big basket of this Jewish New Yorker doin’ it country style. I like it, I really like her voice, it’s not taking me to another world but that’s fine.


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