Music for 9/2/22!!! Meechy Darko, San Soucis

@@@ Meechy Darko: Lavish Habits ( , 2022) From this week’s Line of Best Fit. I would classify this is pop trap/hip hop. Some skittery beats and booty shaking bass but not super sinister with the full tripped out arrangements. Darko is putting on a gravelly tone that I think really works for the track. I don’t like when processed vocals are a major component of the track so points off for that. I’m switching over to BLK Magic. It’s a slow banger with a guitar part, some keyboard and Darko’s rhymes. I really like his flow on the microphone, he sounds different and I like the way he sounds. I’m currently listening to The MoMa and I love the bass playing here, it’s super fresh and makes the tune much more interesting.

@@@ Sans Soucis: All Over This Party ( , 2022) Super high end and smooth dancefloor banging. Funky but not super gritty funk by any means, it’s more department store funky with female energy on the microphone. Very nice sounds if not a bit freeze dried. I’d rock a fancy drink with an umbrella in it to this for sure. Light and lovely for the holiday weekend, not suited for repeated listens. Let me give another track a peep as they have buncha stuff up on the Apple Music. I’m giving a quick listen to the track Air and it’s even more female, tons of vox tracks here over a bed of light funk. That’s how she does, I like it all right. You get finger snaps on this banger so there’s that.


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