Music for 8/30/22!!!! Julia Jacklin, Riton Raye

@@@ Julia Jacklin: Ignore Tenderness (Polyvinyl, 2022) A blend of bedroom indie and mainstream rock that I got to via this week’s All Music notable release email. I like the minimal arrangement, oh that just fell by the wayside as I typed the word minimal. It’s an end of relationship song and it’s kinda wordy, more than kinda it’s a lotta words. A string part comes in and that sorta makes it more adult and highbrow. My favorite part of the track is the arrangement and the sound of the track while I don’t love the strings or the abundance of verbiage. The next track clicked on and it’s mid to slow tempo rocker with crunchy guitars so this might bounce all around the various rock formulas.

@@@ Riton, Raye: I Don’t Want You (N/A, 2022) I think I have the right RAYE that I saw featured on this week’s Line of Best Fit email. This is a pop electro dancefloor banger with a pumping organ part, shopping mall techno beat, and strong diva feels. It’s got a lot of energy but I can’t say I’m drawn in. It’s not a fresh track, I could use some variation to the pumping organ, same with the beat and I don’t feel the epic vocals as being epic. I want to like it and I don’t hate it, but it’s not got a lot in it that interests me.


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