Music for 8/29/22!!! Saucy Santana, Ezra Furman

@@@ Saucy Santana: Booty (N/A, 2022) I got to this track after seeing some post VMA shit and they namechecked Saucy Santana, so there’s the peep. Oh Lord, this is a super party track, it aspires to nothing besides praising the booty, the concept of the booty, all the different flavors of booty. They bit the melody in the chorus but that boooty, boooty, boooty chant is original. Who else got an ass like this? Good question, are we having ass contest? I like the verses, the chorus is meh, and I like the booooty, booty, booooty, booooty, part. Not a lot to say here that hasn’t been said, it’s a booty thang and it’s solid B.

@@@ Ezra Furman: All of Us Flames (Anti-, 2022) A blend of indie rock and Bruce Springsteen smashed up and delivered by a gender fluid rocker. I could give two shits about the gender, we all about the music and it’s pretty mainstream with some indie flourishes, at least in the first track. I think this a rousing vibe record, he’s looking to rouse his listeners and the music ends up less interesting because of it. I wish this was more interesting music but it’s pretty mainstream and simple. Life be so complex even when the music is simple.

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