Music for 8/27/22!!! J.I.D., Stella Donnelly

@@@ JID: Dance Now ( , 2022) I’ve always been a big fan of JID’s microphone work — playful, tight and a bit nasal. I got to his new record via NPR’s best of the week music. Right now I’m checking out Crack Sandwich and it’s funky sonic arrangement, neither trap nor soft with plinks, janky guitar figures and tight funky beats. I don’t know if it’s the marketing blurb or not but it does appear that JID and the folks who made this record are trying to get him across to a large number of folks. Case in point, the track Can’t Make You Change almost sounds like a modern blues with a background singer and pretty familiar sounds. Irregardless which is actually a fucking word now but the point here is JID is funky as fuck. As I get two mainstream tracks in a row I do think I like freakier more hip hoppy JID but this is cool if people want to peep it.

@@@ Stella Donnelly: Flood (N/A , 2022) Another NPR listen. Talk about the opposite of funky, it’s all right ma we white and shit. Opens up with maybe the straightest drum beat possible, some ringing piano chords, and coffee shop female vocalizing. I mean it’s cool but it’s not really my thing. Donnelly has a nice voice but the playing is pretty stiff and wooden. I get why NPR is recommending this music, oh shit big burn! It’s just crazy tight indie piano stuff here, if you’re uptight have at it.

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