Music for 8/26/22!!! Bitch, Tiken Jah Fakoly

@@@ Bitch: Pages (N/A, 2022) I got to this queer musician via a music publicist email. My Apple Music players sucks ball so we’re stuck with the GooglePimpTube. It’s a pretty mainstream track sonically and lyrically but it’s less cheesy than a lot of what mainstream electro pop. It’s got a nice small keyboard figure that anchors the track and the arrangement has a fair amount of freshness to it. The lyrics are pretty trash, very cliche but hey it’s pop music and this is America and we a shallow ass bunch of fuckers so what do you expect? If you can deal with the hook and the lyrics then you’ll probably dig the track.

@@@ Tiken Jah Fakoly: Francafrique (N/A, 2002) Off this week’s WRIR playlist email. I guess maybe this record has been remastered or reissued but it’s a happening roots reggae done out of Africa and sung in French. It’s both slick and heartfelt, this is no Burning Spear from the mid ’70s when reggae was in its infancy and the sounds were gloriously murky but it’s rootsy. From All Music I see Fakoly is from the Ivory Coast which explains the French singing. I like not knowing what he’s singing as I can just groove on his melodies. I also see on All Music’s website that Tuff Gong in Jamaica is listed as a studio and the Bob Marley feels here are super strong. It doesn’t sound straight up like a Wailers record but it’s clear they wanted the background singers, the full horn section. I have this marked and will come back and chill to it when I have more time. Maybe I’m an ass not to have seen this record before or it’s an obscure record trying to resurface, regardless it’s got vibrations both Caribbean and African.

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