Music for 8/25/22!!! Hot Buttered Rum, The Harlem Gospel Travelers

@@@ Hot Buttered Rum: No Reason Why (N/A, 2022) I can’t find this track on Apple Music so I’m forced to listen on GooglePimpTube. I got to this bluegrass track via a music publicist email. It’s a full ensemble including organ which is cool but a bit weird for bluegrass, no? Am I imagining that? Big friendly NPR feels here. Again not opposed to friendliness but I do love me some contrast so friendly lyrics, friendly organ, and friendly singer end up becoming a bit one dimensional.

@@@ The Harlem Gospel Travelers: Look Up (N/A, 2022) Big joyous, old school jump up and down old school soul vibes here. Strong black church connections, excellent singing, Motown drumming etc., the full package. You can hear other classic r&b tracks in the second tune, my hard drive is not spinning fast enough to make the connection but the familiarity here is not subtle. There’s some guitar driven rocking going on, which is cool, but I could use something to stamp this unique — it could be an instrument, a production value, even something in the vocal performance. Just as with the tune above this appears aimed at NPR listeners going for that uplifting vibe and not critical listeners. Which I be, a critical listener. Big ups to the drummer.


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