Music for 8/23/22!!! Gabe Gurnsey, Walter Trout

@@@ Gabe Gurnsey: Push (N/A, 2022) I got to today’s listens via this week’s All Music notable release email. This is an electronic record and whether it’s a dancefloor banger or an abstract chunk or a blend thereof remains to be seen. Oh, it’s gonna be a cheesy banger, four on the floor, squiggly synths both in the lower frequencies and higher plus what I find to be a blue eyed shortage of funk. It’s got just a wee bit of Prince feel to it but the clunky feel of the rhythmic components is not present if at all in Prince’s music. Once the groove gets established for better or for worse it could us some small variations or some dropping and/or evolution of components. I’m giving a quick listen to another track and the woodenness/krautiness is also strong here. I don’t like how the monotone vocals drain the track instead of building it higher, I don’t get that.

@@@ Walter Trout: Waiting for the Dawn (N/A, 2022) I don’t listen to a lot of modern electric blues but I do like to peep once in a blue moon as I love me a great guitar player when I come across one. First off big ups for the old school organ sound which pillows and contrasts with the sharp guitar tone. I don’t protest any of the sounds on offer here and outside of some unexpected turns to the guitar shredding there’s also not anything particularly noteworthy to draw you in. I get that this is pretty usual for a traditional music form but there’s always room to squeeze some weird individuality into any music no? I’m giving a quick peep to another track and he comes out with some bluesy Neil Young style crunch which I dig. This tune Hey Mama has more urgency and energy than the video clipped below. I guess lately I’m more interested in how established formulas can be reinvigorated, I’m really into that.


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