Music for 8/18/22!!! 96 Back, Roza Terenzi

@@@ 96 Back: Made Me (N/A, 2022) I got to these two listens via a festival promo email via Crack Magazine in the UK. They got Blawan on the bill, and I’m a huge Blawan fan. It opens spooky and dark with some metallic percussion and eerie synth action. It builds to a groove, not necessarily a hip hop groove, it’s more of a slightly lopsided techno groove. Just when I thought I could use more I got it, a stylish keyboard solo/vamp that threads all the bits of the mix together. This is pretty stylish shit. I’m checking out another track from Mr. 96 as I’m always up for more quality electronic music. I’m listening to a track called Fent66 and it has a distinctly sci fi flavor to it. It’s well constructed but I preferred the other track.

@@@ Roza Terenzi: Stylish Tantrum (N/A, 2022) I could not find this track on Apple Music which is a shame because it opens up filthy and dubby — super low bass pumping with a very nice set of delayed/echoed percussive bits flying around. Terenzi layers a brisk techno beat on top of the dubby bits and it works, melting together to make a world music-y typa groove as well as breaking the classic rigiditiy of techno beats. Around 2 minutes the bassline starts climbing, you get some handclaps/snare blend and it’s reached peak bumptious. You’d have to be pretty red bulled to hit the dancefloor with this, it’s brisk and it will wear you down with its relentless blend of sounds. Good luck out there.


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