Music for 8/17/22!!! Kiwi Jr., Jeshi

@@@ Kiwi Jr: Night Vision ( , 2022) Oh boy, I haven’t heard anybody try to resurrect the Cars formula with updates but these guys are giving it a good shot. Pretty strong blend of guitars and synths but it’s the singer’s ability to carry the vocal duties that elevates this track. I’m listening to Parasite II, not the track clipped below. I’m giving the track Contract Killers a peep and while it uses a drum machine in the intro it heads back into the live drummer action for the body of the tune. I’m checking a third tune because my motto is quality quality quality and this is a really good record. It’s not my favorite style but considering how dead rock is at the present time this is a pretty impressive effort. Tight arrangements, really good singer, all the details are here. Check it out.

@@@ Jeshi: Protein (N/A, 2022) I got to this hip hop artist Jeshi via the UK music magazine Crack. This tune is notable for its high frequency injections into the mix both with a synth and a falsetto vocalist. Very stylish funk vibe here with the singer bouncing up and down off the beat. Major points to the arranger here as the tune breathes — pulsing synth note alternating with the drum loop, and another synth even higher. It’s not often I hit on two solid tracks in one day but I will take it. I don’t usually dig the UK hip hop but this has a slinkiness I find pleasurable and the package really hits.

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