Music for 8/15/22!!! Kamikaze Palm Tree, Danny Elfman

@@@ Kamikaze Palm Tree: Predicament (Drag City, 2022) I got to these two listens via PItchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week. These guys are slotted as neo-psychedelic or some such but to my ears I think of Captain Beefheart when I hear this janked guitar style and art school weirdness. I don’t usually like this formula out of deference to Beefheart’s mad genius but I dig this track. Having a female singer here really changes the vibe as it smooths out the purposely herk a jerk flavor of the band playing. Big ups to the guitar player(s) that keep this whole thing somewhat together and the drummer who reminds more than a bit of the Meat Puppets but with more exotic flavors. There’s not a lot of indie music that hits the mark for me but I would listen to more of this record for sure. That’s saying something as I’m usually the first to unhitch my trousers and shit on the latest indie releases. With pride!

@@@ Danny Elfman: In Time (Anti-, 2022) I don’t know Danny Elfman’s full story but I know he wrote the theme for the Simpsons and other television shows and he was a band musician before that. All in all I have no clue what to expect here. This track opens with an orchestral flavor, a wide sound, and a singer rockin’ it in German. It’s quite dramatical with the slow strings, the occasional tom beat, and the vocal arrangement. It’s neither rock, nor theme music, nor a show tune. Let’s peep another one. I’m checking out a track called Kick Me and it’s a punk rave up with professional elements. It has a different vocalist which I think is a key aspect of the record, different vocalists on all the tracks is a defining trait. Right in the middle of the track the strings come in during a break so to me this sounds like someone smashing complex arrangements and sounds together with defiant punk energy. It’s for sure not a typical listen and I’m not sure how I feel about how I feel. It feels like a contradiction which makes it hard to digest. Points for weirdness.


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