Music for 8/14/22!!! Fireboy DML, Kal Marks

@@@ Fireboy DML: Playboy (N/A, 2022) A coupla listens off this week’s 10 most reviewed records from Pitchfork. I’m a tad skeptical on this gent cuz when you go to Youtube to grab a video there he is with Ed Sheeran, and in my world Ed Sheeran is bad juju, bad goofy white guy juju. This is gonna be a mash of Caribbean rhythms swirled up with a heavy amount of cheese. Hence the association of CheeseMeister Ed Sheeran. Big soaring oohs and ahs in the opener change and lyrics about change and I don’t mean spare change. I’m checking out the video below (it’s track 4 on the record) and unfortunately each tune retains the formula. Chill dancehall/roots sounds, big soft loverboy vocals. I think calling something awful music is mean, who am I to say so? I don’t care for this, it’s trafficking in ideas that I don’t agree with. Cheese, easy on the cheese, why so much cheese? As a parting statement if you’re gonna rock a track called Playboy shouldn’t it be sexy sounding, at least a bit. This is Disney playboy action, oy.

@@@ Kal Marks: My Name is Hell (Exploding in Sounds, 2022) The great thing about the Pitchfork email is a lack of genre labels so you never know what yer gonna get. This is some art school rock with heavy lyrics in this opening tune, My Life is a Freak Show. About halfway through he kicks it up and starts to lose his shit. I like that. Mr. Marks has a very gruff and aggro voice which intensifies the bluster of the band. Let’s peep a bit more. The second tune has a more official rock flavor with a buzzy bass and a guitar melody to go with the straight beat. It’s a bit like the Pixies had a baby with Tom Petty and lost their sense of humor. A bit punk, a bit mainstream and literate lyrics, that’s the formula.


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