Music for 8/9/22!!! Conjunto Primitivo

@@@ Conjunto Primitivo: Morir Y Renacer (Chicago Research, 2022) Album of the day over at the bandcamp and I’m back to reviewing and listening after I fell off a low roof four days ago and punctured my lung and broke 4 ribs. I’m on the second track and it’s pretty dark with insistent rhythms and a combo vibe of electro components and non-electro sounds. For example, a pretty straight Latin vocal part sits on top of the pounding rhythm of the second track. It’s got some indie flavors as well. I’m on the fourth track and I think I would have preferred an dancefloor mashup instead of this indie electronic record. I like it and like the idea of Latin music threads getting pulled into indie tracks but as with a lot of indie the arrangements could use a bit more fleshing out. They are a duo so that limits their options there but I can still want to hear more.


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