Music for 8/1/22!!! FLO, Charlie Hickey

@@@ FLO: Cardboard Box (Universal Music, 2022) A coupla more mainstream listens off this week’s Line of Best Fit promo email. This trio of young ladies is from London and in this track they’re rocking some pretty slicked out r&b flavors with skittering beats, janked guitar playing, and vocal harmonizing. Those are the main components at work here. I like how the guitar is employed but there’s nothing here that’s particularly jumping out. That’s often the point of mainstream tracks but it’s not really the point for me. A blazing guitar shred or a variation on the beats would be welcome as this is pretty predictable, quite predictable down to the finger snaps.

@@@ Charlie Hickey: Month of September (Dead Oceans, 2022) My Apple music player search functions are a bag of ass on my old laptop so I can’t observe where this track sits on the record but this is the mainstream indie guitar strum dee dum where you get to hear this dude’s mopey take on life. I love mopes just not always with a microphone up in their grill. I hear the banjo tucked in the back of the mix and I give respect to that. The short (thank God) guitar shred I don’t feel as much. I guess if they reboot the tv show Friends this could work for the sad episode where Joey has chronic constipation due to age and an unhealthy diet and he just can’t get his dookie out. Now that I would tune into for sure.


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