Music for 7/27/22!!! Damien Jurado, Wilco

@@@ Damien Jurado: Meeting Eddie Smith (Maroqopa Records, 2022) I’m a fan of Mr. Jurado, I believe I had his record Maraqopa, it had an epicness that ’70s influenced indie rock rarely achieves. Here the vibe is more downer-y though on track 7, Day of the Robot, the full band with a drummer does make its appearance. Earlier in the day I was listening to the beginning of the record and found it well let me go back and repeep. The first tracks lean more Nick Drake than Neil Young and that’s cool but I guess these songs don’t work for me as I would like them to. Oh yeah, since we have these streaming things now I went back and checked Mariqopa (a double repeep!!) out as I haven’t peeped it for a bunch of years and it’s just banging. Not that every record has to be the same, it’s just preferences. Even on this record Mariqopa I think I like his work with a full band more than the solo flavored stuff.

@@@ Wilco: Tired of Taking it Out on You (dBpm, 2022) It’s not Wilco’s lyrics that annoy me or the arrangements, they’re skilled. When I click on it it’s just such a predictable and dated package that I find it somewhat shocking that they get the props they get with such a clear lack of any sort of evolution sonically or songwriting wise. It makes me feel that their art is an invitation to never change anything about yourself and celebrate that. I will list 5 things off the top of my head that these guys could do — get a super hip background singer to shift the emphasis off Tweedy, get an organ player, change the tempo of some tunes, please God do something. How about some tasty hornlines? No? I can’t go down the frozen in time hole with these dudes, I got better shit to do.


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