Music for 7/26/22!!! Haley Kiyoko, Marina Herlop

@@@ Haley Kiyoko: For the Girls (Atlant, 2022) A pre-release track I got to via music blogging honcho Bob Lefsetz. This is the third track on the record and it’s gonna be rough, rough as in a pop cheesebomb. Retro electric bass sound, some fingersnaps, and a lot of old school pop sounds and new pop sounds mashed up. For example the electric bass sound morphs into a trap bass sound in the chorus. Plenty of electro bits and a fucking shit ton of vocal tracks. Is it a technical achievement for the produce and the recording engineers that put this together? Absolutely. Is it a great song with a ton of soul? Noop. I will take back what I said before, it’s not a cheesebomb and it’s a fireworks show of pretty empty sonic manipulation.

@@@ Marina Herlop: abans abans (PAN, 2022) I got to this electronic artist via a festival promotion email from Crack Magazine. I can’t tell if I’ve heard this before, I’m not sure, I listen to so much shit. You could look at this first track (clipped below) as a prepared piano type piece. As it moves forward I don’t think I’ve heard this. It’s super composed electronic music, very detailed with a lot of in time piano manipulation as well as manipulation of the voice. It shares a hyper focused approach to the sounds that the above track does but it serves a different master. It does have some New Age feels but thus far I don’t find it annoying and that may change. I’m a slutty bitch so would love some funk swirled up in here but you can’t be too greedy and let’s face it most folks love the Lord of the Rings/New Age epicness. She does get into some slightly harder beats in the third track so I can get with that. I will be checking out this record more closely. There’s almost a jazz like presence to the arrangements which I dig, maybe most folks wouldn’t even notice.

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