Music for 7/23/22!!! FelixThe1st, Nina Nastasia

@@@ FelixThe1st: Own Brand Freestyle (UMG, 2021) UK hip hop/drill, it sports both an imperial feel and a dark trappy feel. It’s mostly a booty anthem, lots of X rated business here. I like the farty bass and the sparse tinkling piano, but there’s a pile of spaghetti vocals here that sound not half assed but not far off from half assed. Beats are slick and up to date, the farty bass rules.

@@@ Nina Nastasia: Just Stay in Bed (Temporary Residence, 2022) Another listen off this week’s Line of Best Fit. This is the second track on the record and it’s pretty mainstream folk-y soft rock kinda thing. Arpeggiated acoustic guitar and what may be sorta ironical vocalizing. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel like it’s a tongue in cheek hipster thing but I’m not sure it matters. I’m peeping the third tune after peeping the second one and I’m struck by how unremarkable the components are here. I guess this is for fans of Lucinda Wiliams without the backing band. I would need to feel much more pulled in by the lyrics to embrace this record but the lyricas don’t really stand out.

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