Music for 7/25/22!!! M. Geddes Gengras, Cheri Knight

@@@ M. Geddes Gengras: The Harmony and Also I Became Square (Hausu Mountain, 2022) A couple more listens off this week’s 10 most reviewed albums at Pitchfork. This track is the fourth on a six track album and I’m immediately a bit bummed about the New Age soft jazz horn and the pillowy synth sound that starts whooshing through the stereo field. I switched to another track, Parts of a Private Moment and it doesn’t have that horn and it has a a bunch of panning drones and what seems to be an emerging harp like string patch. Oy, I like it hard, I like my ambient music stripped, abstract and unpadded. If you’re listening to instrumental music then tones and sonic choices matter a lot. I know tons of folks can get with this but the New Age feels don’t work for me.

@@@ Cheri Knight: Prime Numbers (Freedom to Spend, 2022) This is the first track on a rock record and it’s a weird opener, I’m a bit confused but also impressed that it opens so strangely. It’s got a weird angular rock and a bit of spoken word flow on a track with no drums and driven rhythmically with handclaps. That said I’m not sure it’s the most entertaining opener so I clicked through to the second track which opens with some long slow guitar tones. This is some odd music, I’m not sure how to classify not that it has to be categorized. The second tune is driven by hammered percussion and a drum kit and more vocal chanting so the spoken word/chanting seems to be core and the rest is up in the air.


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