Music for 7/24/22!!! Scarcity, Lil Silva

@@@ Scarcity: Aveilut (The Flenser, 2022) I got to this death metal/black metal record via Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week. There are five tracks on the record and all of them are big fat 5, 8, 10, 13 minute bangers. They’re titled I-V and the first one is a slow unfolder with big sheets of distorted guitar and now some steady tom tom intro drumming that morphs into speed rolls. I skipped to the second track because the opener wasn’t really working for me and it’s more straight ahead rock/metal. I listen to a fair amount of metal and this is decent stuff but I could use something to really draw me in, it’s got a bit of a restrained art school feel to it, gimme a fucking meltdown and I’ll hit that.

@@@ Lil Silva: Another Sketch (Nowhere, 2022) This is slotted as electronic music on Apple Music but it has a vocalist in the opener and really sounds like r&b. Electro r&b, but r&b nonetheless. Like if Stevie Wonder rocked all his tracks in a computer — not all cuz there’s a guitar here but it’s mad friendly and is pretty electro. I like it, but I often come back to a similar theme — a lack of contrast in sonic elements. If there was some hard funk nestled in the middle of some of these tracks I would be much more interested. As it is it’s kinda of a sci-fi, electro friendly thing but it could use some teeth. Like when your cat lets you pet her but then she play bites you out of the blue to keep you on your toes. Some equivalent to that.


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