Music for 7/21/22!!! Mice Parade, Burna Boy

@@@ Mice Parade: Lapapo (Mice Parade, 2022) I was a little bummed out to see the pop label on Apple Music but it’s more like art-y indie rock with a pretty wide variety of sounds. It opens up with accordian, then some marimba leading to a indie blazing guitar shred and a big roomy rockin’ drum beat. I think this track shows some freshness and creativity. The second tune takes the elements of the first tune and adds an intimately recorded singer, a mandolin, and a driving beat. I like the roughness of the drumming contrasted with the friendly singer and the string playing. Didn’t love the third tune with the male singer, the fourth tune looks set to return to a pretty straightforward indie rock formula. Big ups to the drummer and the person who recorded them. I’m more interested when they’re playing than when they’re singing but indie rock is a tough hill for me.

@@@ Burna Boy: Love, Damini (Atlantic, 2022) Off last week’s All Music notable release email. I hesitated to listen to this record as it’s trying to hip and funky but yet it’s kinda cheesy and sentimental simultaneously. Which is the Drake flow which I don’t like. I made it til about 35 seconds from the finish of the first tune before clicking through to the second tune which I like better but it still sounds mad corporate and epic. Checked out the third tune Cloak and Dagger but it’s still a no go for me.


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