Music for 7/16/22!!! Lizzo, Orbital

@@@ Lizzo: Special (Atlantic, 2022) This is track 6 and it’s classic LIzzo, it’s a self empowerment anthem. Hey reader, I don’t know if I told you today but you’re special. The track is piano driven and has an old school r&b flavor to it. On the down side there may be a few too many Lizzo background vocal tracks and the sounds here are pretty standard, they’re not particularly special. Lizzo can sing all right, but the limitations of being a superstar are present here, it’s sonically very predictable cuz Lizzo wants to keep flying private.

@@@ Orbital: Satan (Orbital Recordings, 2022) This is another record from this week’s All Music notable release email and I believe this is a monster ass retrospective from an English electronic duo from the 00s. Now, according to LIzzo, this is special and perfect but I’m not hearing it as such. Specifically it’s a dancefloor banger with bombastic sounds and the title is a reference to an ex-wife. There’s a piquant blend of pre release tracks available on Apple music and fratty vibes rule the day here and that’s okay. I prefer more abstract sounds and maybe something a bit more subtle but hey that’s just me.


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