Music for 7/14/22!!! The Maghreban, Doom Cannon

@@@ The Maghreban: Connection (N/A, 2022) Bandcamp’s album of the day. It’s an electronic record, a bit dark, a bit indie. Notable for a pensive sax solo, it’s got a pretty straight chintzy beat going on the old drum machine. Let’s peep a bit more. The second track comes with a Kenyan rapper. I don’t dislike the tracks thus far but they’re not really grabbing me. The pieces of three tracks that I listened to came off as television show themes which is cool. Not a lot of depth or change going on, big on vibes.

@@@ Doom Cannon: Renaissance (Brownsville, 2022) Another bandcamp record of the day, this one a jazzy affair but sort of a mash of prog rock (guitar) and drum ‘n bass (beats) and then some more prog/fusion in the horns. Four or so pre release tracks are available. This is out on the Brownsville imprint from the UK and to be perfectly honest I’m not sure British folks understand what jazz really is. I understand that sounds really bitchy and I guess if I were liking more of this jazz that draws more openly from r&b and Afrobeat and dancefloor stuff I would be more generous. I like this second pre-release track, Times, more but it’s sorta dressed up Curtis Mayfield r&b with a string arrangement and soprano sax and a female singer.


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