Music for 7/7/22!!! El Hombre Al Agua, Imagine Dragons

@@@ El Hombre Al Agua – Memores Can’t Be Injected (Echodelick) I got to this electronic/spoken word record via the Vancouver radio station CFUV. It’s a pretty simple formula with a stripped down abstract electronic arrangement with pretty medium heavy vocal sample usage so it gives a sci fi impression as well as a very mundane spoken word flavor that I find interesting. I’m on the third tune Replicant Ice Fortress and while there has been no speech and the artist is not obligated to provide it, it’s a pretty engaging track. Big drone swells, a nurple beat, buzzy and thweepy at points, these are the words I’m going with. I like the sonic balance here — enough beat, enough sci fi spaciousness and enough swelling drone action to keep you in there and listening.

@@@ Imagine Dragons: Bones (Interscope, 2022) I’ve always appreciated the epic cheesiness of Imagine Dragons, homie’s got ballz if not music skills. The most breathtaking thing here is the lyrical pose, i.e. that his words are creative and memorable. It’s a preposterous idea, especially combined with the childish sounds that are put with the lyrics. Beats, flat and predictable, vocalzing, quasi hip hop and chanted, melodies, not many outside of the vocals, sophistication and tastefulness pretty much not present. Lest ye think this is based on one song I’m almost through a second one and it’s been rough. This is some super well executed cheesy trash, awful for you mind and body.


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