Music for 7/6/22!!!! Big Freedia, Killer Mike

@@@ Boyfriend & Big Freedia: Deceptacon (xoboyfriend, 2022) I don’t know who Boyfriend is but I’m a huge Big Freedia after watching a documentary about guns that she starred in. This is a rock flavored dancefloor banger with a pile of chainsaw synths and it’s bombastic and over the top. It’s a purposely trashy track and I still love Big Freedia while not really grooving on this track.

@@@ Killer Mike: Run (Concord, 2022) I’m a little surprised to see this track out Concord as it’s an adult alternative typa label. Sonically I like the track, it’s got some weird ass bits (the background vocals and the squiggly synth sounds) I like the bassline and the Young Thug section. The vocal hook really works and he just keeps plugging with it. It’s a simple hook but the rhythmic bounce it provides is pretty lively.

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