Music for 6/24/22!!! Dean Spunt/John Wiese, Phelimuncasi

@@@ Dean Spunt and John Wiese: Fruit from Color Vapor (Drag City, 2022) This is a recycled post from a month ago and I don’t remember how I came to these two tracks. This is a deconstructed blend of racketous drums and electronic noise blasting and there is, despite what that looks like on the page it’s got some good stuff in it. It’s jazz like with noise replacing any sort of melodic instrument. There is some pretty radical panning which adds to the sense of movement and there is interplay between the digital roars and the drummer who is not interested in grooving shit.

@@@ Phelimuncasi: Inja Enamarabie Wemame Weh (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2022) This is some South African politically minded electronic music and the track below is the ninth track on the record though I switched up to the opening track as it has a fat bass in it. The tracks have a superstuffed and chaotic feel to them. I dig it for the most part, it’s a stew. I’m on my fourth sample of the record and though I keep expecting an initial groove to explode into full African electronic madness it continues to keep things more on the percolating tip. I like it without loving it. I haven’t hit a track that just blows my mind and though I would love to add this to my year end list, I’m an honest person and if I don’t feel it I can’t recommend it. I liked track 5 the best of what I heard.


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