Music for 6/29/22!!! DAGR, Jerome Cooper

@@@ DAGR: Cafe Racer (Self released, 2022) I got to this via a music publicist email. This is Spanish language (mostly) dancefloor banger with hip hop and electro pop flavors. I liked the world-y rhythms that open up the track but then when it gets into the potty talk and the pop sounds then meh, less excitement. If the lyrics were more clever and they kept the rhythms more world-y I would be more responsive to it. I like the dude’s face in the video below, that’s probably one of the most interesting aspects of the whole proceeding.

@@@ Jerome Cooper: As of Not Part 1 (ILK, 2020) I got to this jazz recording via a weekly email from the BK club Roulette. The album opens with a synth note drone and some light piano work. It’s very minimal and Mr. Cooper is a drummer so I’m guessing there will be some drumming during this 9+ minute track. Just shy of 7 minutes a marimba type instrument comes in and the tempo picks up. There is still a drone in the back but it sounds like a progressive Charlie Brown animated tv series theme. I appreciate that this is not your standard jazz record but I’m not super into it. I don’t dislike it but it’s a bit slow for me.


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