Music for 6/28/22!!! Ezra Collective, Delgres

@@@ Ezra Collective: Victory Dance (Partisan, 2022) Slotted as jazz and coming out of Britain Brits think of jazz differently from Americans. Anything Afrobeat-ish large ensemble flavored world music falls under the jazz umbrella. I don’t really give a fuck about the definition (while thinking it’s a pretty half assed definition) this has a Latin jazz feel as well a tad of Afrobeat. I like the thick layer of percussion here most of all, as well as the bass, but think the piano sounds a bit thin to my ears, it could drive harder. It’s an instrumental that I got to via the WRIR weekly playlist and I should give ups to the trumpet player as he/she/they are working hard here. Nice piano solo, I dig that, it’s percolating quite bigly — I dig this energy.

@@@ Delgres: Mwen Vle mache (PIAS, 2022) This is some very folksy and awesome Cajun folk music. Understated and human as hell, simple heartfelt music served up without massive amounts of cheese. Regular readers know of my undying love of the tuba — I would listen to dogs fornicate if there was a fat ass tuba line underneath the track, so imagine the hotness I feel when the sung in French vocals and strummed banjo gets bumped up from underneath by the righteous tuba. This is music to celebrate, don’t sleep on this shit. It’s up on Apple Music so I’m guessing it’s on Spotify and other service. Accordion, tuba, great vocals. They have a 2021 record up on Apple Music which is more electric blues that I’m going to check out.

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