Music for 6/24/22!!! Beyonce, Gorillaz

@@@ Beyonce: Break My Soul ( , 2022) Regular readers know of my distaste for Beyonce and her revolutionary aesthetics. This is an extremely boring dancefloor banger that is sonically flat. I woulda thought with all her loot which she constantly reminds us of that she could get some more interesting sounds than this. Madonna was at least committed to have fat tracks to go underneath her average singing. Beyonce is a better singer than Madonna but there’s no heat here, it’s just sad. The lyrics are boring as they revolve around her ‘new foundation’ which sounds like a boring dance track I guess.

@@@ Gorillaz: Cracker Island (Parlophone, 2022) Now I’m not saying this is the most banging dancefloor banger yesterday but it sure kicks up the dust more than the Beyonce biscuit. Thick bassline, a funkier arrangement and some energy, Jesus H. Christ. I mean how can you not deduce that Cracker Island has to be some kind of commentary on race and race relations. Could be wrong!!!! Let me Google that shit, oh yeah, there’s some commentary up in this biatch. Well done.

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