Music for 6/23/22!!! Kind Eyes, Clutch

@@@ Kind Eyes: Cruel World (xhsx, 2022) More listening from the 24 metal and hardcore songs of the week over at the Brooklyn Vegan. Part metal, part hardcore with an excellent guitar grind, this is pretty hot stuff. As you can see from the video clipped below the singer is African American and he has African American concerns. Good to see that going on, I love the black metal and black hardcore. They get a good and not cheesy singalong vibe going in the chorus but the key here is the locked tight rhythm of the guitars and the drums. I like these guys, they whip up a solid shitty and the sludgy distortion coming out of the guitars is excellent.

@@@ Clutch: We Strive for Excellence (Weathermaker Music, 2022) This is retro flavored boogie rock with a whole bunch of hard rock flavors. It doesn’t have a distinctly anti-social flavor as in the track above. I like it, but I like anti-social shit more. The singer is actually singing and not caveman throat singing. You get a proper guitar solo and some tasty bass playing. The drummer is full rock and the drums are mixed as such.

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