Music for 6/18/22!!! Drake, Anteloper

@@@ Drake: Sticky (UMG, 2022) I can’t really imagine ever giving Drake a positive review but I keep listening because it’s kinda entertaining to listen his soul-less horseshit music. I like the bass here, beats all right, nice jumpy synth part, but the part where Drake rocks the microphone, that’s where it gets weak. Watered down machismo and just a continuation of an extremely uncreative baby food style of rhyming. I like the tom sound on the drum machine in the chorus and it’s pretty sad how that tom sound is more interesting than Drake. Oy, what a joke that he’s front page material.

@@@ Anteloper: One Living Genius (Int’l Anthem, 2022) Now this is something with some emotion, not that baby food Drake shit. This is a smashup of electronic music and free jazz and I feel it. It’s got some blasting organs, smashed up drum sound, synth squirgles, now I hear some ghetto spy guitar action, I dig this, check it out. It’s loose but not sloppy and shitty, it’s organic. 8 minute banger with plenty of different sounds in the stew. It’s not really super anything that fits in a slot — more slippery than rock, too raucous and unmanner to be most jazz, and not rigid enough for the dancefloor. Fresh, fresh, fresh, I applaud this. If you stream at bandcamp which sounds lousy as fuck you get the whole record and it does get closer to jazz but it’s quite good stuff.

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