Music for 6/20/22!!! Blak Emoji

@@@ Blak emoji: Blood Dried From Both Hearts (Bena bena bena, 2021) I read the diy recording magazine Tape Op when I’m sitting on the toilet and saw an interview with this r&b/funk musician. The record opens up with a chainsaw synth and a dark funk feel. I’m pretty sure this musician has heard a fair amount of Prince — he’s definitely not biting him but he’s been influenced, particularly in the background vocals, falsetto and panned out wide. There is a fair amount of distortion added to the instruments, the bass, synths and I’m enjoying the contrast between the sweetness of the vocals and that slightly grizzy sounds. Ironically I liked the tunes towards the back of the record including the track Swooning on You and Mechanism and the video clipped below. In today’s low attention span world the fat tracks tend to be at the top of the record so maybe the musician and whoever ordered felt the midtempo funk at the back of the record weren’t as interesting as the openers but I dig the stripped arrangments and the more interesting sounds at the rear of the bus. The singing and the arrangements stand out there while I didn’t really feel pulled in by the lyrics.

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