Music for 6/17/22!!!! Nova Twins, Plato III

@@@ Nova Twins: Choose Your Fighter (Marshall Amplification, 2022) From the Guardian, a paper that has better music writing than the New York Times, but really a chimp at a typewriter would do a better job than the Times re: music. After a 1 minute intro they get into a chunky guitar/hip hop spitting combo platter and they bring it pretty good. It’s not full punk but it’s halfway with some mainstream hard rock sounds. I like the rhythmic drive of the vocal work, it elevates the pretty standard rock. The lyrics could be better but the energy is high though it does catch your ear when K.M.B. opens up and the woman says she just killed her boyfriend. The verse is cool and interesting but the chorus is not to my liking sort of peaky and cheesy. Mixed bag.

@@@ Plato III — The Devil has Texas (Polyvinyl, 2022) I got to this hip hop record via a music publicist. The first track (my Apple Music is fucking slow as fuck) I think is the title track and it’s a sly mix of country with a splash of punk and hip hop. The second track features straighter hip hop rhyming with the guitar sounds kept the same, it’s a good combo I dig it. Uh oh, the third track opens with cheese ass ’80s chorused guitar and shitty snare and some dreary vocals, wtf? Oh no, what happened to the crunch, you totally left me hangin’ here! I stopped listening, that sucks, keep them dirty punky guitars coming and leave that shopping mall shit alone.

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