Music for 6/16/222!!! MCR-T and horsegirl, LUAP

@@@ MCR-T & horsegiirL: My Little White Pony (N/A, 2022) I got to these two dancefloor bangers via a playlist at Crack Magazine in the UK. This track is not up on Apple Music so you will have to suffer through the Google-Pimp-Tube. It’s electro for sure with a janky/trashy feel. She likes her pony/her horse and from the video this is most definitely a trash anthem. Sonically, outside of the drum ‘n bass that gets swirled in during the chorus, it feels disposable. This is a club version of a John Waters movie. I guess this could be a lot of fun if you’re fucked up in a club and sometimes I’m in the mood for trash but I wish it was more interesting trash.

@@@ LUAP: Talk 2 Me (N/A, 2022) Another track not on the Apple Music so Google-Pimp-Tube. This has a slicker opening with a pulsing bass, an arpeggiated synth and some fuck around drumbeats. There’s an interesting vocal sample ‘Talk 2 Me’ and it’s kind of a downer sentiment and not what you would expect for a dancefloor banger but it works and I imagine a lot of folks could really identify with the lyrical sentiments here. The sounds here are more interesting with the splashes of beat, the delays on said splashes, the rotation of the vocal samples and really the spoken word parts really work here. Beats are chatter-y in places, some classic techno action, some space bleeps, check it out. This is hot.

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