Music for 6/15/22!!! Blondshell, Jhelisa

@@@ Blondshell: Olympus (Self-released, 2022) This debut singer I found via indie legend Liz Phair on the Twatter. Opens with the classic indie guitar chord strum, then mope-y multi-tracked vocals, and pretty straight rock flavors. Yowsa, not my thing, the chorus brings a bit more energy but it is really a downer. Overall, like the guitar sounds and think the drummer and the vocalist need a Red Bull. About 1:20 from the end it starts pumping some energy, oops it drops back down, a temporary liftoff from the ocean of mope.

@@@ Jhelisa: Oxygen (Dorado, 2022) I got to this via a music publicist email. I thought this was going to be some world music/electro mash but it’s slotted as jazz on Apple Music. It’s an 11 minute banger and just over 1 minute in it starts in on a pretty pumpin’ groove with conga, drumset, electric bass all garnished with soprano sax sauce. There’s also some stylish chanting vocal business. My son interrupted but at some point before 3:00 a vocalist comes in and it’s a song with Prince feels to it. The tune keeps morphing and rolling over on itself, retaining some things and bringing in new things — I respect that drive to keep things moving and it makes me like it. If you’re going for 11 minute bangers you gotta give some changes and something to follow and engage with. This is not my favorite style of jazz but I dig this.

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