Music for 6/1/22!!! Horsegirl, Tom Aspaul

@@@ Horsegirl: Anti-glory (N/A, 2022) Today I’m recycling a post I set up a coupla weeks ago and I think it’s from Line of Best Fit but I’m not 100% on that. Opens with big tom drum beat and some sideways guitar playing, oh we back in the ’90s! They go a couple of gears below slack and mix in some shoegaze with some background vocals panned out wide in the stereo field. I would put this as a medium rainstorm with a bit of gusty wind, it never seems to pop a clot and go full shitshow. I like a meltdown, I didn’t come here expecting one but it is weird to hear the restraint. Noisy and polite is a tough combo. I’m into the unexpected these days so not great to see a lack of unexpected sounds or flavors going on here, so do label thee ‘music for normies’.

@@@ Tom Aspaul: Let Them (It’s all Love) (N/A, 2022) Opens with a church-y organ and solo voice before it busts out into dancefloor bangin’. Four on the floor but with a nice percussive guitar/synth patch and then bump it up in the chorus. I don’t know this gent Aspaul from a hole in the wall but he’s got positive energy without pouring on the cheese sounds and he’s got an interesting blend of sounds here. He even tucks a tambourine into the last third of the track. I’m pretty sure I hear an undercover Latin flavor here and I dig that. I’m not jumping up and down over this but it’s more than solid work — focused arrangement with some nice unfolding and a really nice vocalization. There might be some different versions of this track from what I can eyeball on the Apple Music.

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