Music for 6/12/22!!!! Nilufer Yanya, Kurt Vile

@@@ Nilufer Yanya: anotherlife (ATO, 2022) I don’t know why this record has to be so rooted in ’80s sounds and aesthetics, I would like it much more if it has more neutral transparent production. The snare sound, blech, the guitars, blech, the vibes, meh. That’s the review.

@@@ Kurt Vile: (shiny things) (Verve, 2022) This indie darling rockin’ one on Verve, home of some of the most Will Smith rock music I’ve heard maybe ever. I didn’t make it through the first song and this second one is starting out and I just think this cat is overrated for what he does, it’s not particularly moving or unique. Both of these listens are from the Guardian’s best of 2022 thus far and I disagree and both these artists have very good PR people.

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