Music for 6/11/22!!! aldn, Carrie Underwood

@@@ aldn: denial (Geffen, 2022) I got to this young producer via the Line of Best Fit and as somebody who is one of the top listeners in the country there is a concerted effort to bring back some form of updated rock. Duder here brings some grunge with some different framing including distorted vocals and crushed drums. Now I now that crushed drums and blasted vocals are not a new thing, the definitions change and this is trying to be both similar to and different from Foo Fighters for example. I like the additional crunch here but it’s gonna take more than that for me to get into some rock. Oh arpeggiated synth solo then back into the guitar crunch that’s also an update.

@@@ Carrie Underwood: Ghost Story (Capitol Nashville, 2022) I got to this mainstream country pop via the front page of Apple Music. This is music that the label has spent a lot of money polishing and producing and Underwood is presented here in an epic manner with huge reverb and a super pimped microphone. Is it a satisfying song? Not for me, it’s quite without soul and it does make you wonder if folks are more comfortable putting out music that’s technically perfectly executed and very little emotion is passed on. It’s a cowgirl cheese bomb. She’s gonna be your ghost story — I’ll be haunting you, you’ll be wanting me, I kinda get that but meh. Gawd, mainstream music can be quite sterile and boring and the trend is not going in the right direction.

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