Music for 6/10/22!!! Tove Styrke, Nix Northwest

@@@ Tove Styrke: Show Me Love (Sony, 2022) A coupla Friday listens off last week’s Line of Best Fit email. Major label pop rock and the video clipped below is the tenth song on the record. There’s a definite ’60s retro female pop feel to the proceedings and there’s a guitar solo which is quite stunning as the guitar is very out of fashion these days. No drums which is brave but I think it would take some of the burden off the singing which is good but the lyrics are nowhere near deep or even particularly noteworthy. The production here is quite polished which works great in some places and dulls the record in other places. I’m giving a quick check to the second tune and it has a straight drum beat but the whole thing isn’t elevated mostly because of the shitty drum sound and the unbelievable shopping mall flavor of the drumbeat.

@@@ Nix Northwest: Satan Doesn’t Swim (Well Overdue, 2022) An alternative hip hop single I got to as I said above from Line of Best Fit. It opens with singing and congas and a bit of a bossa nova feel. He’s chillin in love. Now rhymin’ but so chill it’s like a tall glass of iced tea and he’s British so it’s full uppercrust which is better than just crust. I think the vibe is nice but as an obsessive listener there’s not a ton unique here. I’m always up for a surprise. I guess the most interesting aspect of this song is the title — I did not expect a track called Satan Doesn’t Swim to go like this! It’s a chill sitch motherfuckers!

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