Music for 5/30/22!!! Doldrum

@@@ Doldrum: The Knockout (N/A, 2022) I got to this bangin’ two metal record that I got to via Invisible Oranges twatting out support for it. The marketing schtick says the music is rooted in the darker side of American dark folk music and occult culture. I don’t hear that very strongly but I hear some really excellent guitar playing and a compelling metal singer. The vibe here is more one of disturbance than metal anger. There’s also a bit of punk and hard rock energy going on here and I dig the package for real. A lot of metal can be quite rigid and the guitar playing, as well as the composition and the whole experience here is looser which is a welcome change of pace for me. The second tune have more of a distinctly death metal flow to it. I still like it a whole bunch it’s just not as different as the first track. Oh shit, I musta been low IQ when I searched for this record on Apple Music because I just found it and it sounds better and I can now bookmark it for inclusion in my podcast. This is a 7 track 37 minute record and check this out as this is high quality business.

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