Music for 5/29/22!!! Dark0

@@@ Dark0: Shining Star (Year 0001, 2021) I got to this electronic music via a promo email from Crack Magazine featuring a non binary visual artist who name checked this record. I’m starting with the third track and it looks set to be super poppy electronic music with heavy New Age feels/cheese. Some of my least favorite synth sounds for sure. Let me check another track. The video below is the fifth track on the record and it opens with an intimate spoken word bit with a little bit of piano in the back of the mix. Then into a vocoded vocal melody and a heavy reverbed percussion arpeggio. I’m giving the opening track, Eternity, a quick peep and it’s more sci fi than New Age, ooh this isn’t really my cup of tea. Except for a bit of floor shaking bass in the opening track I didn’t feel any whoomph, I like some whoomph with my New Age cookies.

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