Music for 5/29/22!!!! Zach Bryan

@@@ Zach Bryan: Something in the Orange (Warner, 2022) Music biz honcho commentator Bob Lefsetz absolutely shat his pants over this record so I thought I would throw it a listen. This record is 34 songs that clock in at 2 hours and 1 minute and there’s no way I’m gonna hang for more than just a taste of this big biscuit. The video below is the second track on the record and it opens with acoustic guitar, harmonica, restrained piano chords and Bryan’s voice. Well, it is good, he’s not slinging country cheese here. I don’t know if the whole thing is gonna be of the quality of this track but I’m gonna peep a few bits and then let it go. I like the third tune Heavy Eyes, it’s more straight ahead country with no bullshit. I would recommend this to music fans, not just country fans. Bryan has a really good voice and the music sounds real. This is why you have to check shit out, I don’t think I’ve ever liked anything Lefsetz has recommended but this is a really good record.

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