Music for 5/27/22!!! Dehd, Brian Jackson

@@@ Dehd: Window (Fat Possum, 2022) A blend of classic rock with a big fat synth for a modern update to the aforementioned classic rock chunk. I got to this via this week’s All Music notable release email. I thought the first track was most notable for the chill electric keyboards, and the second tune is good as the singer really works the microphone. It’s hard to breathe fresh energy into rock music so I respect this track. It’s a clear ’80s vibe here but they don’t go for that annoying fucking snare sound and a bad chorused guitar sound, it’s presented plainly with a good singer. I’ve really enjoyed two of the four songs here which is a pretty high ratio for me and any variation of rock.

@@@ Brian Jackson: All Talk (BBE Music, 2022) Though listed as jazz on Apple Music I would classify this as smooth funk. I give him respect for the overly political lyrics in the opening track, All Talk. There’s an interesting sense of contrast as he pumps the smooth sounds and then gets into some pretty explicit black pride business. The second tune, Force of Will, is a more of a ballad-y slow burner. I think I like the third tune, C’est Cette Cornete, most of all. It’s got some oohs and aahs and shooby doops and the groove is pretty tight. It’s no George Clinton but he does all right with the pallette that he’s interested in.

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