Music for 5/23/22!!! Julieta Eugenio, Moneybagg Yo

@@@ Julieta Eugenio: Efes (Greenleaf, 2022) I got to this debut jazz record by an Argentine woman via a twat on the Twatter. I really like her tone in this opening track and I like the mix, it’s very full with drums and bass not mixed into the background. The sax playing skews lower in energy than fire, maybe she will fire it up at some point in 5 minute track. I clicked through to the second track and am finding myself listening to the rhythm section more than Eugenio which isn’t a great sign. I like her slower and more thoughtful playing but honestly I could use a bit more fire. That’s just me but hey it’s my blog.

@@@ Moneybagg Yo: Rocky Road (Interscope, 2022) I think we’re entering the decadent rock star phase of hip hop. It seems much more about stardom and weed and girls than anything else. He even used the words rock ‘n roll, imagine that! This is a double MC attack and I like the rhythm and bass sounds, it’s slicked out and bumpin’. After that it’s a light garnish of pitch shifted vocal samples but it’s just sorta an afterthought. Black parsely y’all. One of the MCs sounds really high and slurring big time but the formula here is clear. If you’re here for anything more than a groove with some bumpin’ bass you’re in the wrong place.

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